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Posted on Mar 5, 2019

ᗑ Waving Hi & Bye ᗑ
ᗑ Blowing kisses ᗑ
ᗑ Trying to walk everyday ᗑ
ᗑ On strike regarding naps ᗑ
ᗑ Testing out new hair styles ᗑ


Posted on Mar 2, 2019

When you’ve got a big-fat-suburban back yard, you don’t need to take the kids far for winter fun. (This is especially important when your three-year-old is determined to make sure your outdoor winter activities last no more than 45 seconds.) Bonus when your neighbor blows all the snow in his backyard into a big pile perfect for his dog to play on but also for our five-year-old to sled down! Big thanks to Theo’s buddy Henry for supplying suitable outdoor gear, which we somehow completely neglected to have in stock for him!

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Posted on Feb 25, 2019

This week we’re saying bye February in a big way…in a tree. HA February has been amazing and on its final week we’re taking it easy. Less phone time more play time.


Posted on Feb 24, 2019

This was our weekend vibes folks. Party all weekend.


Posted on Feb 23, 2019

This year was very momentous because for the first time in 5 years we did not host a birthday party for the girls at our house! AND holy crap it was life changing – the best decision we made this year. Worth all the money to have an instructor entertain the kiddos and be able to talk to parents.

We also introduced the “fiver” to the party. In lieu of gifts we asked for $5 in a card, or whatever parents felt comfortable giving, so the girls could buy a big ticket item. I highly recommend this to any parent. It eliminated a lot of plastic and is just EASY for parents.

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