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Posted on Sep 8, 2020

So…here we go again. We don’t have a lot of experience with first days of school, but I’m guessing (and praying) this one will be unique among the rest of them. The girls are excited to have more regular live interaction in their virtual lessons and at childcare, but it’s still going to be really weird not getting them into the routine of being in the classroom every day. Here’s hoping this doesn’t last long and that we all stay strong and healthy in the meantime!

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Posted on Sep 7, 2020

For once, we spent a holiday weekend doing not much of anything, and I could definitely get used to it! It was nice to have time to play in the treehouse and doodle on the sidewalk!


Posted on Sep 5, 2020

The summer days are waning fast and we had to get at least one more swim in to cap off the season! It was a lot colder than the kids were used to after a long, hot summer, but I can’t believe how far they’ve come with swimming and being in the water this year!

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Posted on Sep 5, 2020

Andy snuck away up north for a day for a golf tournament (with my dad no less) and got to drink beer in the sunshine while I was home with all the kids and the dog…And it was great of course! Look at this ham!


Posted on Sep 4, 2020

ᗑ Life with Sandy. This girl learns quick and she’s already been doing a good job staying in the yard without even being on a leash! That’s more than we can say for Theo sometimes.ᗑ

ᗑ Grasshopper guarding my car and sunset strolls. ᗑ

ᗑ Happy birthday, Bella!ᗑ

ᗑ Look who’s down TWO front teeth with a little help from dad! ᗑ