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Posted on Dec 9, 2018

ᗑ Bro Date ᗑ

ᗑ Santa No. 4 (No Lucy) ᗑ

ᗑ Selfie ᗑ
ᗑ Cookie Party ᗑ


Posted on Dec 8, 2018

First time experience for this big kid! A year too soon…maybe…but the “shooing” and sneaking her snacks was worth it watching her face light up for the Snow Queen. 


Posted on Dec 6, 2018

Jolly old St. Nicholas arrived Thursday morning. Theo, I’m sure his overlooking of you had nothing to do with your behavior. The odds are in your favor for next year kid. 

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Posted on Dec 5, 2018

ᗑ Climber ᗑ
ᗑ Screamer ᗑ
ᗑ Kisser ᗑ
ᗑ Bouncer ᗑ
ᗑ Loves his sisters ᗑ
ᗑ Loves Chica’s water dish and chasing Chica around ᗑ


Posted on Dec 2, 2018

Cousin reinforcement to the rescue! When Ali’s in town I’m happy, my children are happy, and we have an excuse to get out, even when it pours all day. Please come back tomorrow.

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