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Posted on Jun 27, 2017

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B SoundBites.

Posted on Jun 22, 2017

Driving home from somewhere before dinner:

B: Mom I want fruit snacks when we get home.
M: No, we aren’t having fruit snacks, we are going to have dinner
B: But I really want them

B: Life is hard sometimes.


Posted on Jun 18, 2017

We DO love dad!! These three men are the most selfless people I know. Constantly giving to their families around them, always willing to have a good time with company, and most importantly beyond nuturing in their own ways. I love them -my girls love them – we can’t live without them. For real though…we can’t and they need to stay alive foreevveeerrr

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Posted on Jun 17, 2017

This past week was back to the basics – keeping the children alive! We were in complete shut down mood about housing all week. Felt good to take a mental break until Saturday. We looked at a few places and then had the night to ourselves thanks to my mom and dad for taking the girls. It was super cool and fun – we got to pack our storage area and build boxes.



Posted on Jun 12, 2017

Look at how active we are! HAHA Theme of the trip – move your body – then intake a lot of calories – repeat! Our final day was vacation heaven until hell delivered us misquotes on our forest hike. But getting lost in the woods made up for it because it was actually fun getting “lost” with this group. After our hike we did a little retail therapy, Andy got to go to LLBean and we stumbled upon a cider farm. We ended the day traveling the sea by boat – officially conquering it all.

In so many ways this trip was needed for all of us. And I can’t thank our company enough for experiencing it with us and helping us get out of our moving depression.  Read More!