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Posted on Apr 9, 2021

ᗑ Feeling like this & getting the yard in order ᗑ

ᗑ What afternoons look like working from home ᗑ

ᗑ Babysitting Izzy Bella this week was eye opening because we found out Sandy is a stalker!! ᗑ


Posted on Apr 5, 2021

Happy Birthday to my little peanut.
He enjoyed his day at his “friends house” and came home to a monster! Our little bundle of energy can stop growing now. I’m holding on tight to his little toddler body, mannerisms, and speech. I know it’s quickly slipping away and it makes me so sad. But being sad and happy at the same time seems to be constant dueling feelings with raising kids.

Theo you are our little fire, biggest cheerleader, and most affectionate. We love you so much and can’t wait to see what 3 brings you!

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Posted on Apr 4, 2021

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Posted on Apr 3, 2021

Hands down, my favorite thing about Easter in MN is : Fire Safety Easter Bunny! Easter Bunny in a neon safety vest….yes! This year Fire Safety Easter Bunny visited the kids from a safe distance in a town parade. They were also visited by the local news and made the cut, airing in their story later that day.

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Posted on Apr 3, 2021

THESE ARE THE DAYS!! They don’t happen that often, but when they do you just know. Loose plans, beautiful weather, going with the flow, ending up at the park for hours, not having to look at your phone. Time just stops.

To top it off we spend the afternoon/evening celebrating Theo’s birthday! DQ tractor truck & a truck piñata was everything he needed!

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